Trickle Filters

Trickle Filters
MAT Trickle filters bodies made by PP plastic, an alternative to concrete biotowers. They are designed to eliminate dead zones, diffuse water evenly with minimal backwash requirements. Filled with bioballs will provide biological filtration support. MAT tickle filters come fully installed and hydrotested.


MAT Trickle Filters are fixed-bed, aerated, biotower filters designed to convert the toxic, nitrogen waste found in fish farming water to non-toxic byproducts. Trickle filter biotowers are filled with PE bioballs providing a surface area for micro-organisms to develop. This biological activity results to a gaseous exchange process restoring the levels of CO2 and O2 to viable levels. Trickle filters biotower model range covers TAN removal rate from 10 gr TAN/day up to 1800 gr TAN/day and from 10kg up to 2600kg, of Max Biomass at 4% feeding ratio, per bio-tower.

Our Trickle Filters, combined with other RAS equipment is the traditional solution for TAN removal in fresh and saline water facilities.

MAT Trickle Filters are applicable to any biologically charged water volume and it is commonly used to fresh and marine RAS farms and hatcheries.


MAT Trickle bio-tower Filters, receive pre-filtered biologically charged water which trickles through biomedia (PE bioballs). The media surface offers the layer onto which a biomass of microorganisms is thriving by removing the ammonia through chemical reactions. They are designed to maintain the conditions for maximum microorganism population growth and dead zone elimination. MAT Trickle filtration is the traditional solution for high TAN Load Removal, by maximizing the wastewater trickling surface, and by optimizing gas exchange.


  • Improved Wet & Dry Filtration
  • Advanced Filter Design
  • High BOD Treatment Capacity
  • Improved Gas Exchange Interface to Restore CO2 and O2 levels in the water
  • Minimized Filter Clog
  • No Need of Periodic Backwashing
  • Resistive & Durable Structure
  • Simplicity in Design & Ease in Operation & Maintenance

Trickle Filters - SPECIFICATIONS

ModelDiameter Ø (mm)Max Height (mm)Max Media (m³)TAN Removal Rate (g TAN/day)Safety FactorInlet (mm)Water Inlet Level (mm)Outlet (mm)Water Outlet Level (mm)Max Flow (m³/h)Degas Blower Connection (mm)Body Material
MAT T 50050015130.2302631513631260725PP
MAT T 75075018070.58882140180714014003532PP
MAT T 100095020001.31962200210020016007540PP
MAT T 1250125020101.6525022502400250190011550PP
MAT T 1500150020201.9429022802700280220014550PP
MAT T 200020002500460223153000450250040063PP
MAT T 300030003000121800245033007102800110063PP