Protein Fractionators (Skimmers)

Protein Fractionators (Skimmers)
The Protein Skimmers made of PE & PP bodies come ready with Venturi pumps, automated protein foam level control, skimmer cap sludge autowash, control panel & ozone/oxygen intake. MAT protein fractionators produce thick sludge foam without the need of daily fine tuning. Comes readily installed and hydrotested for fast and hassle free installation.


MAT Protein Fractionators are used to provide an efficient means of floatable and dissolved solids control, by removing mechanically, fine and dissolved organics from water. Additionally, through the fractionation process, MAT PSK infuses oxygen and ozone that minimize bacteria and microorganisms concentration in Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS).


Our Protein Fractionators are core mechanical units in the Recirculated Aquaculture Systems and are complementary to other mechanical filtration means pressurized sand filters, paper filters, algae scrappers, cartridge filters, drum filters.


The operation of the protein skimmers is based on the centrifugal mechanical removal of organic compounds, with the infusion of oxygen and ozone through a venturi pump. MAT PSK operation is optimized through ozonated air which is injected into the treated water, as a stream of fine bubbles, by a low-pressure venturi set.

As the bubbles rise up through the water column, liquids with different viscosity proteins and other surface-active compounds coagulate to each other and build up a thick organic foam.

The organic coat/ bio sludge is clogged in fine bubbles as they rise up through the water column. This foam is removed from the protein skimmer through the effluent pipe and is discharged to the sewer or the backwash treatment. An important secondary effect of protein fractionation is the removal of fine particulate material ( < 40 micron ) that builds up the foam.


  • Equipment design is focused on simplicity and user-friendly operation.
  • Our Protein Fractionator filtration units remove mechanically about 90% of the dissolved organics, proteins, fish food remains and tints from the water column.
  • Removal of fine particulate material ( < 40 micron ) that attaches to the foam.
  • Reduced load imposed on the pressure sand filters, allows a higher filtration velocity through them.
  • Maximize oxygen saturation in the water while it mixes and dissolves oxygen and ozone.
  • Control and monitoring of ozone dosing by ORP probe as part of the water quality monitoring package.
  • Auto-wash system for inner and for outer tube.
  • Automated foam level control.
  • Resistant and robust fabrication.
  • Resistant and robust fabrication.
  • Easy foam level fine tuning.
  • Our models are available in custom sizes.

Protein Fractionators (Skimmers) - SPECIFICATIONS

ModelTotal Power (Kw)Venturi Pump (qty)@1.5 Min Dwell Time Flow (m³/hr)@2 Min Dwell Time Flow (m³/hr)Skimmer Diameter Ø (mm)Max Height (mm)Footprint (W mm)Footprint (L mm)Inlet Ø (mm)Inlet Level (mm)Outlet Ø (mm)Outlet Level (mm)Electrical PanelORP ControlOperational PlatformMaterialSuitable Ozone Dosage (g/h)Operational Weight (kg)Shipping Weight (kg)
MAT PS 3000.2513.42.63001787650760501106751137StandardOptionalPE/PP1140110
MAT PS 5000.45110.6850017758708705011085901101StandardOptionalPE/PP2400140
MAT PS 6300.7512015630210080012207511011251300StandardOptionalPP2650220
MAT PS 7500.75131237502400113013009015001401473StandardOptionalPE/PP4950260
MAT PS 10001.516347100026671510153011015902251585StandardOptionalOptionalPE/PP81750405
MAT PS 12502.2112392125031021800192016017782501845StandardOptionalOptionalPP123250463
MAT PS 15004.42201151150036741900230016023002802260StandardOptionalOptionalPE/PP254150780
MAT PS 200062358269200040002330310031521853152140StandardOptionalOptionalPE/PP36105001000
MAT PS 23509.724943712300400029003100315TBD315*2TBDStandardOptionalOptionalPE/PP5014500
MAT PS 30001438056043000467032203600315*22723450415StandardOptionalOptionalPP10032500