Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators
Ozone Generators designed and tested for RAS applications. Fabricated in respect with EU & US HSE guidelines in our factory with quality components easy to repair or replace. Equipped with control panel and optionally with oxygen concentrators, air chillers and air dryers.


MAT designs and manufactures the Ozone Generators to provide stable ozone infusion in high humidity environments. Our ozone generators are sensitive electrical equipment fabricated specifically for aquaculture facilities.

The models start from 5 g/h up to 100 g/h and for larger applications multiple 100gr units can be assembled. Our ozone generators are designed and fabricated to provide stable ozone output. Furthermore they are fitted with regenerative air dryers, cooling reactors and ORP – Redox monitoring probes.

MAT has the technology and expertise to fabricate safe ozone generators that deliver the actual ozone specified output. OZ are fabricated for ozone infusion into the water. A solution for an effective, safe and natural disinfection process. Ozone gas is oxidant and dangerous and should be produced and handled under strict monitored operation practices.

Our devices are applicable to Recirculated Aquaculture Systems and other water treatment facilities.


OZ systems come with the following supportive equipment:

  • Air Dryer
  • Oil Free Compressor
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Ceramic Corona Cell Ozone Generator
  • Monitoring System
  • Control Panel
  • Safety Alarm
  • Ozone Concentration in Air Probes
  • Ozone Concentration in Water Probes, ORP – Redox

All the supported components of the MAT OZ are repairable and replaceable.

ADVANTAGES OF Our Ozone Generators

  • Plug and play application.
  • Complete solution with all needed supportive components readily installed.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • +3 °C pressure dew-point.
  • Suitable for tropical and high humidity conditions operation.
  • R-134a gas.
  • Small footprint.
  • Durable robust design excellent resistance to harsh environment.
  • Effective operation in humid environments.
Controls: Emergency Stop, Product Ozone Potentiometer, Oxygen Flowmeter: Regulation of Oxygen, Power On System/Ozone Generation/Fault Indicators

Ozone Generators - SPECIFICATIONS

Ozone GeneratorPrice (€)Footprint (max/mm)Footprint (min/mm)Max Height (mm)Ozone Output (g/h)Ozone Concentration (g/m³)Compressor Power (W/h)Total Current (A)Supply Voltage 50Hz (V)Corona Frequency (Hz)Ozone Outlet Size- SS316 (mm)Ozone Flow-Rate (lpm)Air Conditioner (Filter+Dryer)Device Weight (Kg)Ozone Production Method
OZ-53405.7590060512505258003.51~220V50851100Corona Discharge
OZ-104001.8900605125010508003.51~220V50851112Corona Discharge
OZ-205873.68105068012502050110051~220V508101153Corona Discharge
OZ-306682.89105068012503050132061~220V508101158Corona Discharge
OZ-509978.95105068012505060150071~220V508151170Corona Discharge
OZ-7512346.151250750161575753000141~220V508201190Corona Discharge
OZ-10019076.9212507501615100804000181~220V508201210Corona Discharge