MAT Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) is an independent department of MAT Filtration Technologies which is dedicated to the fabrication of filtration equipment for fish farms and hatcheries.

Recirculating Aquaculture Department


MAT RAS is an independent department of MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES dedicated to provide RAS equipment supply and specialized MEP contracting services for the land based fish farming of sea and fresh water aquaculture farms. Our equipment is eligible to support the complete life cycle of all aquatic farm animals from larvae hatcheries to grow out pool RAS filtration systems. MAT RAS is not focusing on building complete fish farms on the contrary, aims to be subcontracted for the complete supply and installation for all MEP and RAS equipment of a fishfarm. MAT has excellent MEP contracting record, with delivered and fully operational projects all over the world. Our contracting department counts over 150 experienced staff ready to mobilize anywhere in the world and we are familiar and comfortable in working in remote environments and strict timeframes.


MAT has been in business of fabricating filtration equipment for over a decade and quality equipment is our identity. We decided to commence engineering and fabricating our uniquely designed equipment after realizing that the filtration equipment available in the market where not performing up to our expectations and where not “operator friendly focused”. Our mentality is to manufacture robust equipment that will last in harsh humid conditions but in the same time be simple for the operators to use 24/365 and function as per the specifications and the expectations of our clients.

RAS technology is rapidly developing globally, in order to meet stricter environmental regulations and in the same time be more energy sufficient and simpler for the every day operators. To match and overpass the standards set by this developing trend, MAT RAS department has 7 in-house aquaculture engineers to study each request and provide RAS filtration solutions based on the range of products we manufacture.

Our fabricating and engineering expertise, together with the use of non osmotic and ozone sustainable plastic materials, tested and proven proper for RAS MEP supportive to our equipment components, reassure MAT filtration equipment to be the best possible RAS equipment value to match the budget of our clients.

MAT RAS department is dedicated to continuous Research and Development introducing new all inclusive skid Systems and unique solutions. Our catalog is being updated minimum twice annually with many upgrades and new additions to the range of products.

Recirculating Aquaculture Contractor


MAT RAS aim is to cooperate with fishfarm developers and third party consultants to provide comprehensive filtration equipment that would exceed their expectations and meet local environmental legislations. Our RAS department is available to be subcontracted by aquaculture consultants and fish farm developers, as well as fish farm owners, to fabricate customized equipment under their own design and needs and get subcontracted to deliver complete specialized MEP projects for the farms.

If you are searching for specialized RAS MEP contractor to build your aquaculture facility or just for proper RAS equipment with honest commercial approach and 24 hour after sales support, then MAT RAS is your one stop shop for all your fish farm needs. For any request please free to contact us today!

ENWA GROUP Aquaculture

Since 2010 MAT Filtration Technologies and Enwa Group AS partner together in the region of the Nordic Countries.

The Enwa Group delivers energy efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment systems and are one of Scandinavia’s leading companies within this business area. Enwa-equipment for water treatment can be found across the world. The company has through the last three decades supplied both bespoke and standard water treatment solutions to oil platforms, industrial plants, universities, hospitals, hotels, waterworks, public pools, small and large vessels, major airports and more. The company hoticed an increased interest and demand for environmentally friendly water solutions due to the aquaculture industry’s desire to reduce chemicals in its operations and create a more sustainable production. The company added to its technology the Aquaculture RAS filtration equipment in cooperation with MAT RAS. The two firms have joined forces in R&D to develop Recirculating Aquaculture Technology especially for salmon hatchery farms.